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Hevea Stars&Moon +3


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Do you find the All Rubber soothers by other brands boring? With All Rubber by Hevea, not only do you have a soother designed to be both cute and elegant but also a soother manufactured using a natural rubber which is a sustainable product. It's a great way to offer your child a soother which has been made using the best natural material while also taking care of the environment.

It comes in 100% recyclable packaging

  • Cherry-shaped teat made from latex for babies from 3 to 36 months.
  • Complies to the European safety standard EN-1400.
  • Ergonomic shape, which has been perfectly adapted for a baby's face.
  • Unique design with small holes for ventilation.
  • It is made a single piece item, therefore offering the maximum safety and hygiene.
  • Natural latex from Hevea Brasiliensis trees of Malaysia.
  • Fair trade product.

Hevea Stars&Moon +3
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Hevea Stars&Moon +3
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Hevea Stars&Moon +3
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