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Cookies Policy

When you first visit our website, through the banner posted, you are warned you about the use of non-exempted cookies, we identify the main purposes of such cookies and the controllers in charge of their use, and finally we inform you that if you continue browsing the website we will understand that you are giving your consent to their use.

In spite of the aforementioned information, PRODUCTOS INFANTILES TUTETE S.L. has developed this Cookies Policy in order to expand and give more details about the information contained in the initial banner. Particularly, we inform you about what a cookie is, the type of cookies used in this website and how to manage them according to your browser features and the device used to browse the website (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

We remind you that this Cookies Policy is permanently published at the bottom of the page, in case the user wishes to check it in future visits.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that browsing our website or signing in, if required, will be considered as a way of giving consent for reported cookies to be installed, unless you have modified your browser settings otherwise. In any case, users may modify their browser settings according to their preferences at any time.

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the terminal from which you access the website (whether a computer, smartphone or tablet) and which allows the website owner to store or retrieve certain information on multiple variables such as: the number of times the website has been visited by the user, identifying the registered user, securing the user's session while browsing the website, enabling operations to be securely and steadily performed, etc.

2. Types of cookies

Information about the types of cookies used on our website is given below:

2.1. According to the entity managing them

Depending on the entity managing the domain where cookies are sent from and processing the data obtained, we find:

  • Own cookies: Those sent to the user's terminal equipment from the domain and managed by Productos Infantiles Tutete as website editor. The information collected is used to improve the quality of our service and your experience as user. These cookies are kept in your browser longer, enabling us to recognise you as website recurring visitor and to adapt the contents provided to suit your preferences.
  • Third party cookies: Those sent to the user's terminal equipment from an equipment or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by a different entity. In our website there are cookies sent from third-party domains such as,,, or

2.2. According to the time they remain active in the terminal equipment

  • Session cookies: These cookies are designed to collect and store data while the user is accessing the website. As its name suggests, these cookies are stored in the terminal until the end of the user's browsing session.
  • Persistent cookies: Cookies where data are still stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed for a period of time defined by the cookie controller, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

2.3. According to their purpose

  • Technical cookies: Cookies allowing the user to browse through the website and use the different options or services existing in it such as, for instance, controlling data traffic and communication, identifying the session, accessing areas with restricted access, requesting registration or participation in an event or promotion, using security elements while browsing, storing contents to broadcast video or audio, or sharing contents through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Customisation cookies: Cookies used to enable the customisation of the website functions or contents depending on the data obtained from the browser, such as language preferences.
  • Analytical cookies: Type of cookies designed and used to track and analyse user behaviour. These cookies enable the website owner to measure the website activity through aggregate or statistical information. In analytical, own and persistent cookies are used for this purpose. Mainly cookies from Google Analytics that have different time-limits according to the information they provide.

For more information:
Google Analytics cookie usage on websites

You can disable the use of such cookies through:
Google Analytics Opt-out Browser

In addition, uses Nosto cookies, a cloud service that collects and analyses customer behaviour in the online store and automatically shows different types of smart recommendations for products in accordance with the websites visited by the customer.

For more information:
Information about Nosto Cookies

Finally, uses Facebook and Twitter tracking cookies to measure the amount of conversions performed by these social media. These cookies are used to keep track of customers who are users of these social media in order to analyse market research data.

For more information:
Information about Facebook Cookies
Information about Twitter Cookies

  • Advertising cookies: Those enabling the management of advertising spaces viewed by the user. With this aim, uses DoubleClick (Google Inc's advertising platform) persistent cookies. Cookies allow targeting ads based on content relevant to the user, improving campaign performance reviews and preventing the user from seeing ads that s/he has already seen.

For more information:
Information about DoubleClick Cookies
Information about Google advertising Cookies

You can disable the use of such cookies through:
DoubleClick opt-out page

We also work with Sociomantic, a technology company specialised in online advertising that helps us provide our customers with more relevant ads (banners) to be viewed online through non-identifiable and anonymous personal information. For more information:
Information about Sociomantic Cookies

3. Who uses cookies?

The information collected through cookies downloaded from the domain is used by the website owner, Productos Infantiles Tutete S.L., and by Google Inc. as provider of analysis and advertising services. In addition, as mentioned above, Tutete shares information with the companies Nosto and Sociomantic to offer our customers customised recommendations and ads, respectively, according to their interests and keeps third-party cookies as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. cookies in order to collect statistical data on conversions from these social media and improve our advertising campaigns in these media. For more information, you should access the links provided for this purpose.

4. List of cookies

Cookies used on our website and their purpose are shown below:

Name Domain from being sent Purpose Own/Third-Party. Use Excepted/Not excepted
osCsid Strictly Necessary Own Yes
tuteteLanguage Strictly Necessary Own Yes
tuteteAcceptCookies Technical Own Yes
visitedTuteteProducts Analytical Own No
AWSELB Strictly Necessary Own (Amazon Web Services) Yes
_ga Strictly Necessary Own (Google Analitycs) No
_gat Strictly Necessary Own (Google Analitycs) No
__utma Analytical Third-Party (Google Analytics) No
__utmb Analytical Third-Party (Google Analytics) No
__utmc Analytical Third-Party (Google Analytics) No
__utmv Analytical Third-Party (Google Analytics) No
__utmz Analytical Third-Party (Google Analytics) No
__utmt Analytical Third-Party (Google Analytics) No
2c.cId Analytical Own (Nosto) No
_ga Analytical Third-Party (Nosto) No
test_cookie Advertising Own (DoubleClick) No
id Advertising Third-Party (DoubleClick) No
IDE Advertising Third-Party (DoubleClick) No
__sonar Advertising Third-Party (Sociomantic) No
sonar Advertising Third-Party (Sociomantic) No
sonar-expires Advertising Third-Party (Sociomantic) No
SID Technical Third-Party (Google) No
SSID Technical Third-Party (Google) No
HSID Technical Third-Party (Google) No
APISID Technical Third-Party (Google) No
SAPISID Technical Third-Party (Google) No
GAPS Technical Third-Party (Google) No
NID Advertising Third-Party (Google Remarketing) No
SNID Advertising Third-Party (Google Remarketing) No
PREF Technical and customisation Third-Party (Google) No
OGPC Advertising Third-Party (Google Remarketing) No
OTZ Advertising Third-Party (Google Remarketing) No
GMAIL_RTT Technical Third-Party (Google) No

5. Managing cookies

Bearing in mind the information contained in this Cookies Policy, further information is now given on how to manage the cookies used in through the different options offered by the browsers most commonly used (Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android and Windows Phone).

The user should know that if the installation of all cookies on the website is rejected, some of the website's functions and contents may be affected.

All browsers give users the possibility to manage the cookies that are installed by a certain website, information on the duration of the latter and the option to disable, restrict, block or erase them.

The user must change the browser's settings used in the terminal, whether it is a computer, smartphone or tablet. In general terms, browsers offer the following setting options regarding the installation of cookies:

  • Rejecting all cookies and therefore no cookie from any website can be installed in the user's terminal.
  • Warning you prior to the installation of the cookie for the user to decide whether to accept or not its installation.
  • Only rejecting third-party cookies from websites you visit but not those cookies used by the website the user is browsing through.
  • The private browsing mode option, through which cookies are installed in the terminal but erased automatically after browsing.

Links to information related to the management of cookies provided by the main browsers are shown below:

Internet Explorer:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Windows Phone

This website uses cookies (Google Analytics among others) to provide you with a better user experience and deliver content adapted to your needs.