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Who we are is the first company to be dedicated to the sales of personalised soothers in Spain.

All parents know of the problems which we face when we leave our children at the nursery, birthday parties or family get-togethers; once we have taken them home we realise that....they have another child´s soother in their mouth!

Through these means, bacteria are passed from child to child which consequently provoke health and hygiene problems.

In the majority of nurseries, the carers have opted to write the children´s names on their soothers using a permanent marker: apart from not looking particularly nice, the names will disappear or be erased if the soothers are immersed in hot water, and this is even before considering the harm to our children that can be caused by the chemical components of the ink.

Tired of seeing parents and pedagogues at a loss as to what they could do about the soothers, we went to work to find the solution to the problem.

After many months of searching and laboratory testing, we eventually found what we were looking for - "a print which did not erase itself at high temperatures nor through rubbing and which also allowed the little ones to follow the latest trends".

So that is how began, a company which is concerned with the wellbeing of the our little ones and whose mission it is to offer the latest products of the highest quality, which fit the needs of both parents and childcare specialists alike while making their life easier.

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