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LOVI Baby Bottle 150 ml
LOVI Baby Bottle 150 ml



This funky LOVI bottle has a dynamic shape that allows it to move in your hand as the baby sucks the teat, imitating how the child would naturally breastfeed so it is the perfect bottle for combining breast and bottle feeding.

The bottle is the only product on the market that permits active suction - just like breastfeeding. The patented dynamic teat also stretches just like a mother's nipple. The natural feel will encourage your baby to drink and allow them to easily adjust to being bottle fed. 

The LOVI dynamic teat is clinically proven to aid the transition from breast to bottle feeding.

  • Active suction: The dynamic teat mimics the natural breastfeeding pattern, allowing for active suction.
  • Correct placement: The contoured shape of the bottle helps the baby to latch on correctly which in turn aids the baby's own sucking rhythm. 
  • Transport and storage: The bottle comes with a flexible, airtight lid that is great for storing or transporting food.
  • Drink lid/cover: The cup is perfect for serving fruit purees, medicine and other foods and it is equipped with a nozzle that makes it a tool for your baby to learn to drink.
  • Speech development: The soft tip of the nipple extends and retracts according to the baby's sucking rhythm, providing active muscle training.
  • Correct jaw development and correct breathing:  The wide and firm base allows a tight seal between the lips and the teat, encouraging breathing through the nose and preventing a biting reflex.
  • Anti-colic: All LOVI teats have a ventilation system that prevents food from mixing with the air in the bottle during feeding.
  • BPA free.
  • Volume:150 ml.
  • Easy to clean.


LOVI Baby Bottle 150 ml LOVI Baby Bottle 150 ml
LOVI Baby Bottle 150 ml LOVI Baby Bottle 150 ml
LOVI Baby Bottle 150 ml LOVI Baby Bottle 150 ml
LOVI Baby Bottle 150 ml LOVI Baby Bottle 150 ml

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